Computer sick? Call me at (319) 981-0819!


In my many years of experience, I have installed, maintained and trained people in the use of hundreds of programs including:

  • Microsoft Windows, Linux and Mac OS-X operating systems 
  • Microsoft Office and free alternatives
  • Accounting applications such as Peachtree and Quickbooks
  • Point of Sales systems
  • Backup and recovery
  • Cloud-based storage, collaboration and content management
  • Desktop publishing applications

And today, many applications may be run as a service over the internet.  Let me recommend what will work for you.

I can help you set up your new computer and migrate your data and applications.  Many service providers only perform a bare-bones system setup and leave it to you to recreate your software installations, data libraries, internet shortcuts and passwords.  I go the extra mile and do the best I can to migrate as much of your data as possible, including recovering lost software licenses.

Sometimes your hard disk can be corrupted such that the data cannot be accessed.  If your drive is not completely dead, ie: disk is spinning and can be recognized when connected, I can recover much of the data.  If the drive is not recognized, I can arrange for professional data recovery where the drive is disassembled in a clean room for data recovery.

I can perform all manner of repairs on most types of computers:

  • Memory and CPU upgrades
  • Screen replacements on laptops, tablets and phones
  • Power supply replacement
  • Motherboard replacement in desktops and laptops

The useful life of many computers can be extended by upgrading hardware.  Replacing your system hard disk drive (HDD) with a solid state drive (SSD) will improve performance immensely. Adding more memory or a faster processor can also improve your system.

I deep clean your system removing hidden programs that mess with your settings, running reliable tools to search out and destroy malicious software that inevitably creeps into many systems.  I clean your web browser settings, removing unnecessary and unwanted plugins and search providers. I insure that adequate security software is running and that important system updates are applied.

I can set up your network with wireless security and hook up networked computers, printers, storage and other devices.  If your wireless network has dead zones, I can design a solution to eliminate them.